Hi, my name is Cirtina Radu

I started to play golf in 2010 from a coincidence. Back then, during the summer holiday, I was playing video games, like every other kid. One day my parents saw an advertisement about a new facility were golf was available.

In the beginning I was a bit reluctant to the idea but I was convinced by my parents and I gave the sport a chance.

After a few lessons, I started to love it more and more. I think the part that attracted me the most were the etiquette rules and the conduit of the people who were already playing the game. For the next few years, I carried on practicing and I got to a handicap of 12.

In 2016 I moved to Hungary. Here, I was helped by a few fantastic people which really boosted my game. During this time, I started to caddie on tour. This was another milestone for me. Here was the place where I learned so much and such precious information. It was a great experience that I enjoyed so much.

In 2018 I was finally ready to enroll the PGA of Great Britain. The course provided, was in partnership with the University of Birmingham. I was sure that, beside all the knowledge gathered from caddying on tour and practicing with tour players, the curriculum will expand even more my knowledge.

Now in 2021, I am still in Hungary, coaching players of all levels. All the people I coach, are quickly dropping to a handicap below 18. Some of them want to make it on tour and I am ready to show the the way.

P.S.: when I started to practice golf, I could have never think that one day, I would make it so far that I would see the life on tour and after coach people reaching their golfing targets.

During 2019, I was wondering how I could reach and help more people play better golf and have more fun playing the game. Slowly, I put together some ideas and in the beginning of 2020, Solution Golf was born. It is a project that I love devoting time because I know a simple YouTube video can reach more people than any other social media way. Every week at 3 p.m. EST a new video is uploaded. If you haven’t checked it yet, feel free to do so and leave me a feedback. I would really appreciate it and I really hope the videos are educational and you understand better what is wrong, why is wrong, how it affects the swing and how to correct your mistakes.

I am honored and grateful for being able to do what I absolutely love every day and I hope one day I can help you becoming a better golfer.

Besides coaching golf

I provide, consultation for golf courses

I have a R&A Certificate for the rules of the game (referee)

Repair golf equipment

I love reading books about: golf technique, better ways to practice and self-improvement.

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